Miguel Esteban

Miguel Esteban

Miguel Esteban is currently a Professor at the Research Institute of Sustainable Future Society, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Waseda University, in Tokyo, Japan. He received his PhD in Coastal engineering from Yokohama National University in Japan in 2007, and then he continued his work with Post-Doctoral Fellowships and the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) and at Kyoto University. Subsequently he also worked as an Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo. Miguel Esteban’s research deals with the effect that natural disasters will have on various components of the socio-economic make-up of different countries. In this respect, he is involved in the estimation of the different destructive components of various types of disasters that originate from the sea, namely tropical cyclones and tsunamis. Understanding how these events can devastate coastal areas and cause the loss of many lives is important to formulate protection strategies. Furthermore, his research deals on the effect that climate change will have on natural disasters, and in particular tropical cyclones, which are expected to increase in intensity in the future. This, coupled with sea level rise, is expected to have a great impact on the economy of many countries, and his research attempts to quantify the economic damage that this can cause to transport, infrastructure and agriculture.

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