Hiroyuki Matsuda, Prof. DSc.

Hiroyuki Matsuda, Prof. DSc.

Matsuda is a theoretical ecologist, graduated from Department of Biophysics, Kyoto University (DSc.), past president of Ecological Society of Japan and East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies (2011-2012), Pew Marine Fellow since 2007. I joined SIP YNU-DEEPS (Deep-Sea Resource Exploration and Environmental Protection Study) project from FY2015 until FY2017. YNU-DEEPS initiated preparations for the development of technical standards by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for use in marine environmental impact assessments, in collaboration with JAMSTEC and NIES , its partners in the SIP project "Next-Generation Technology for Ocean Resources Exploration". In FY2018, YNU-DEEPS will continue to advance the development of technical standards by the ISO for use in marine environmental impact assessments, and consider how to expand these standards to developing countries, such as Pacific Island countries that will promote deep-sea mining activity, considering capacity building and technology transfer. Currently, the United Nations is considering drawing up a new system for managing the areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), which would include the deep sea bed and high seas, focusing on marine genetic resources, area-based management tools including marine protected areas, environmental impact assessments, and capacity building and the transfer of marine technology. This is one of the major international movements towards realizing SDG 14. Regarding the oneness of the ocean, it is important to conserve the marine environment through proper environmental impact assessment based on a uniform standard for global marine survey and monitoring data, including developing counties.

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