Dr Rosanna Carver

Dr Rosanna Carver

Rosanna recently completed her PhD and is currently teaching Political Ecology at Lancaster University. Her thesis focused on the blue economy, exploring issues of resource sovereignty in the context of marine phosphate mining in Namibia. This work drew on fieldwork in Namibia and South Africa. She has published work on the blue economy and seabed mining. She is particularly interested in how sovereignty over resources is complicated by the (geo)physical characteristics of the seabed and how DSM is discussed in relation to the blue economy agenda.

How PNG lost US$120 million and the future of deep-sea mining

29th April 2020

Deep Sea Mining might not be happening in PNG, but what about elsewhere?

New species from the abyssal ocean hint at incredible deep sea diversity

27th April 2020

A Natural History Museum piece highlighting unique deep-sea biodiversity.

Deep Sea Mining at the threshold: The politics of the seabed?

24th April 2020

A blog reflecting on the politics of the deep seabed, especially in Papua New Guinea.