Dr Jon Copley

Dr Jon Copley

Biog: Dr Jon Copley is a marine ecologist investigating patterns of life (species distributions and population connectivity) at hydrothermal vents and other seafloor habitats targeted for deep-sea mining, and the life-history biology (reproduction and dispersal) of deep-sea species that may confer resilience or vulnerability to disturbance by deep-sea mining. He was a Co-Chair of InterRidge, the organisation coordinating international research at mid-ocean ridges, from 2010-2012, and he has worked with marine science colleagues in Japan on deep-sea fieldwork.  Jon has advised policymakers on the protection of deep-sea habitats by contributing to drafts of exploitation regulations by the UN International Seabed Authority, and by providing evidence to inquiries of the UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee.  For further details, please see http://www.joncopley.com/research.html his personal website.

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