Benjamin McLellan

Benjamin McLellan

Associate Professor Benjamin McLellan received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland in 2007, and has been at Kyoto University`s Graduate School of Energy Science since 2010.

Ben`s research focuses on sustainability within the energy and resources sectors, with a particular interest in emerging resources and technologies. He has been involved in research into the technical, environmental, economic and social implications of deep sea mining since 2014. This research has focused on identifying the relative impacts of DSM as compared to terrestrial mining. This research links to broader examination of the use of critical minerals (which can be sourced from the deep ocean) for clean energy technologies. He also examines other aspects of the energy-X-nexus (X being any other sector, e.g. water, minerals, land). Ben is also an Honorary Senior Researcher at the Sustainable Minerals Institute of the University of Queensland, where he maintains significant collaboration.

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